Curriculum Vitae

Research interests
  • I like to model complex biological systems using tools from automata theory, topological graph theory, and combinatorics. I am also interested in formal language theory in software security.
  • PhD, Mathematics, USF (2008 - Present). Advisor: Natasha Jonoska
  • MS, Computer Science, USF (2010 - Present). Advisor: Jay Ligatti
  • BA/MA, Mathematics, USF (2005 - 2008). Advisor: Natasha Jonoska
  • Transducer generated arrays of robotic nanoarms, Dolzhenko E, Jonoska N, Seeman NC, Natural Computing 9, 437-455, (2010)
  • Two-dimensional Languages and Cellular Automata, Dolzhenko E, Jonoska N, Int. J. Found. Comput. Sci. 23, 185, (2012)
  • On Complexity of Two Dimensional Languages Generated by Transducers, Dolzhenko E, Jonoska N, Proceedings of a conference on Implementation and Application of Automata, 181-190, (2008)
  • LUCApedia: a database for the study of ancient life, Goldman AD, Bernhard TM, Dolzhenko E, Landweber LF, (accepted)
  • Four-regular Graphs with Rigid Vertices Associated to DNA Recombination, Burns J, Dolzhenko E, Jonoska N, Muche T, Saito M, (in minor revision)
  • Genomes on the edge: Programmed genome instability in ciliates, Bracht JR, Fang W, Goldman AD, Dolzhenko E, Stein EM, Landweber LF, (in minor revision)
  • STAGR: Software To Annotate Genome Rearrangement, Dolzhenko E, Swart EC, Goldman AD, Zhou Y, Landweber LF, (submitted)
  • Modeling Security Monitors with Mandatory Results Automata, Dolzhenko E, Ligatti J, Reddy S, (submitted)

Egor Dolzhenko

Research Assistant

Department of Mathematics
University of South Florida
4202e Fowler ave
Tampa, FL 33620